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The Union Takes on a Moonlit Cowells

So this moonlight surf adventure at Cowells on March 11th is one that I credit Sarah Watters as being the inspiration for. She and I were talking the week before about surfing at night under a full moon when she revealed that she had never night surfed. Her excuse for never having surfed under a full moon had something to do with poor eyesight when it gets dark, and little faith that the moon would produce the light necessary for surf, not to mention the potential for unseen collisions. So I surfed into dark and the high tide the next night to see if she was right about the moonlight. (I knew she was wrong, I just wanted a reason to surf at night, as it had been years since the last time.) I

Club Social at Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

The club got together a private tour of the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History on March 10. Museum Executive Director Heather Moffat introduced the new exhibit the we helped fund about Lighthouse Point, lightkeeper Laura Hecox, and the beginnings of the Museum of Natural History right there at the original lighthouse. She thanked the club for our support that helped make this exhibit possible. A highlight of the evening was when Bob Pearson surprised club members Mike and Debi Kolar with their completed custom longboard. Mike and Debi lost their home to fire in January, and among the devastating losses were all of Mike’s surfboards—he had quite a few, and some had very special meaning. The

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