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Bay Area Revelations: Riding the Waves

In this installment of the award-winning documentary series Bay Area Revelations, NBC takes you to three main areas that attract people from all over the world: San Francisco’s Ocean Beach, Mavericks in Half Moon Bay, and the World Surfing Reserve in Santa Cruz.Two of our illustrious SCLU members are featured in interviews: Club President Jane McKenzie and Historian Kim Stoner. Originally aired on April 10, 2020 on NBC Bay Area.

1936 Santa Cruz Surf Club Plaque Dedication

Cowell Beach, Santa Cruz November 23, 2019 By today's standards 1936 Santa Cruz was a different place and surfing was more of a novelty than a sport like it is today. But a handful of young men who valued surfing formed the Santa Cruz Surfing Club and rented an abandoned hamburger stand near Cowell Beach to be used as their clubhouse. More than eight decades later the clubhouse is gone but the waves continue to roll into Cowell Beach and another group of young men, realizing the importance of their surfing forefathers, organized the Santa Cruz Surfing Club Preservation Society to honor their predecessors' history. With the help of donors they contacted sculptor Sean Monaghan and local concr

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The mission of the Santa Cruz Longboard Union is to preserve, promote, and perpetuate the values, belief, and essence of surfing.


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